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Karratha Cultural Connections and Development Projects 2010

Youth and Adult Community Strengthening and Development

Commencement of Rotary involvement:  2010

Rotary Club: Karratha

(Collaborators: Woolworths, Woodside, Roebourne School, Roebourne Aboriginal Community Police and Citizens)

Blackbirding (Acquiring local Aboriginals for Employment)

2010 Members of Karratha are involved in a food program in Roebourne supplied by Woolworths

2010 Woodside is working with the Roebourne School and Rotary to advance educational opportunities for Aboriginal People.

2011-2013 Mens Groups – Aboriginal men with supporting organisations, established a local Mens Group to support Aboriginal Youth (e.g. cultural education and leadership camps “on-country” for Aboriginal male youth, supported young (male and female) children entering school by providing positive cultural educational experiences, located employment opportunities for older youths and prepared them for employment. Both Police and Citizens Associations and the local Rotarians remained in the background, facilitating, encouraging, and offering expertise when it is absent amongst the Group and the wider local Aboriginal Community. They also help with gaining sponsorship support when the community was not able to provide from within their own resource base.

Roebourne Prison